Top-Secret Memo is a file that can be found in Resident Evil Outbreak.


The Top-Secret Memo is found in the B4F culture room.


The sample currently stored in the lab, is a parasite that was rejected by its host due to incompatibility. As it is extremely unstable, you have to be extremely careful with it.

When transferring the sample, use a portable capsule manufactured by the MI corp. Also, chemicals in the capsule get contaminated every few hours so they must be changed.

Any failure to do so, could result in the subject awakening. Please be sure to handle with extreme caution.

R&D #1
Martin Walcott

現在所内に保管されているサンプルは宿主との拒絶反応によって分離した寄生体であり、 個体としては甚だ不安定である為に取扱いには細心の注意を要する。


第1研究開発室 マーチン・ウォルコット

The sample currently stored inside, is a parasite that was isolated after being rejected by its host. Because speciments are exeedingly unstable, it requires close attention to handling.

During transport, a portable capsule manufactured by MI Inc. is to be used.
In addition, because the drug solution in the capsule will be contaminated within a few hours, it is required to be replaced each time.
Failure to do so could result in the undeniable possibility of the subject waking up.
Be careful.

No. 1 R&D room
Martin Walcott




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