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The Torture chamber is an underground area at Rockfort Prison.


Rather than electricity, lighting in this room comes from a candle-lit chandelier. The door to the passage is reached by a bridge crossing a pond where ducking mechanisms hang for drowning prisoners. On the other side of the room is a solitary chair and small table, for the anatomist to watch with relaxation at the suffering.


This area is populated by three Zombies. There is Handgun Ammo in the middle of the room and some Bow Gun Arrows as well. The player is meant to use the stairs to proceed, this leads to a door that links to the Chamber of ordeals.

If the player avoids killing the zombies here, when they come back from the Chamber of Ordeals, the Torture chamber passage door will be heard from downstairs and when they go up, they'll find a zombie in front of the door indicating it came from there.

If the player avoids killing the zombie with the Rusted Sword in the Chamber of Ordeals, they'll follow the player into this room.


Location Localization Original script
Wall "Strange devices are on display here."
Curtain "A thick curtain has been dropped down."
Water "This appears to be an old water mill."
Metal door "I wonder what this weird device was used for?"