George A. Romero
(Rejected movie script)
"I... I want to live."
— Dr. Toshiro defends the betrayal.

Dr. Toshiro was an Umbrella researcher assigned to the Arkley Mansion. This invidual worked on level "C" along with Dr. Wong.


When the mansion and lab were overrun by the escaped T-virus, Dr. Toshiro survived underground along with Dr. Wong and Dr. Benjamin when an injured colleague sealed them in a room, intent on someone coming out alive.[1]

S.T.A.R.S. rescued the two when entering the lab, but Colonel Wesker revealed himself to be an Umbrella agent with orders to destroy the lab. Enticed by his offer that anyone who sides with him and escapes the Tyrant will be awarded a Swiss bank account containing a share of its resell value, the doctor joined him.[2] Unfortunately, this proved to be a fatal mistake; Toshiro's proximity to the newly awakened Tyrant allowed it to grab the doctor's head and destroy it while still unable to get out of the capsule.[3]

Further notes

Due to the rejection of Romero's script, the "Toshiro" character was abandoned and not used in Anderson's version.


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