The tower ( ?) is an area of Sushestvovanie Island. It is explored during Barry Episode 2, Claire Episode 3 and Claire Episode 4.

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The tower is the location Alex Wesker stayed during the time the TerraSave members were abducted, 6 months after this, Barry and Natalia encounter a heavily mutated Alex at the ground level of the tower.

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Episode 2: ContemplationEdit

Barry and Natalia come to this place at the end of their second episode, there are no enemies to be found here, but there are two collectibles: a Tower Emblem is near the ceiling next to the big propaganda poster seen immediately after entering the room, and an Insect Larva is on a wall immediately after climbing the set of stairs, to the right side.

There is a Gimmick Box in a small room that gives an Emerald (1000 BP) as well.

Episode 3: JudgmentEdit

The tower is the last playable stage in Episode 3: Judgment for Claire. Right off the bat there are two collectibles: a Tower Emblem sits below the small bridge over a waterway in the area with the tombs/graves, there is also a Kafka Drawing to the left side when leaving the same cemetery.

In the cemetery there is a small puzzle that needs to be completed in order to unlock the MP-AF and Capacity Lv. 2, but it's possible to proceed without completing it. The puzzle involves around the text written in the Release Our Sworn Comrades file, next to the Kafka Drawing mentioned above.

In order to complete the puzzle, the player must interact with these graves in order:

  1. Tomb without a tombstone
  2. The tomb that has a star behind it instead of in front
  3. One row behind the tomb without its top, but three steps to the left
  4. Tomb without its top

The MP-AF can now be picked up. Next up is a large area which acts as a boss stage, immediately when entering this place, go to the right side and pick up all the items in the room in front, there is also an Emerald (1000 BP) hiding on a painting at the northwest side of the room, shoot at it and it will drop to the ground.

Move on to the room at the west, this is where an event needs to be triggered in order to proceed. Check up the book on the desk at the middle and a cutscene will play, leave the room and the elevator will come down to you. Move towards it and a battle will be started, you must defeat Monster Neil.

Neil's weakness revolves around heat, either bait him into hitting the giant cylinders around the stage, throw Firebomb Bottles at him or point the Flashlight at him with Moira, he will eventually get too heated and his weak spot will be exposed, note that he can be killed without hitting this spot.

When this happens, he will run towards one of the pillars in the area to cool off, then the cycle will be repeated. Neil can small spawn masses of Uroboros on the ground which will trap the player in place if they are stepped on, shoot at these. Neil can also extend his arm in order to grab the player, evade accordingly.

Once he is defeated, walk inside the elevator and activate it. It will eventually stop and you must interact with the door; Neill will appear again. At this point there are two options:

  • Play as Claire and complete the QTE to kill Neil (activates the BAD ending)
  • Switch to Moira, move forward and complete the QTE to kill Neil (activates the GOOD ending)

Once either of these is done, the Claire episode will end.

Episode 4: MetamorphosisEdit

Right after the episode starts, instead of going through the door, look up. The first Kafka Drawing is on the ceiling. Now onto the door and into the control room, there is a level on the left side; this controls the sluice at the Landfill section of Barry's EP4 and will dictate which side he will go through.

Beforing moving up the set of stairs, go in reverse and you will find a Sapphire (500 BP) lying on the ground. Moving on to the next area, it is a small bedroom. To the left of the bed, on a painting, is the second Kafka Drawing. To the right of the bed is an armchair with a Ruby (250 BP) on it.

In order to proceed, you have to break the pink fishtank and push it to activate a level - after pushing the tank though, look at the ground where it was, the third Kafka Drawing is there on the floor.

There next area is a small one dead-end, a small sequence will start with Alex Wesker talking to Claire and Moira. While this is going on, look to your right, the first Tower Emblem is on top of the machinery.

Now the self-destruct system will be activated, go back all the way to where the chapter started and follow along the path until you go through a white door that requires both characters, when turning the first left here (opposed to the Workstation), there is the fourth Kafka Drawing on the wall.

If you want to get the medal to kill "five indigenous animals", there is one rat next to the Workstation and another one after the gate that has two golden locks. After this same gate there is also a Military Box that gives a Magnum Ammo Case the first time it's opened.

Now move on forward and eventually you will face a Glasp, either use an Exploding Bottle to kill it in one hit, a Smokescreen Bottle to make it appear, or wait until it crosses through the cardboard boxes so you can have an item where to aim at. Now run straight to the next ladder and the next Glasps won't be able to catch up to you. After getting down, turn right and another Glasp will be in front, take care of it in any way, then turn left and run straight to the door, the next one won't be able to catch up either.

The next area will start a 6:40 countown, before doing anything, look to the left and you can see a Military Box and some crows in the distance, shoot these crows to get the medal to kill "five indigenous animals". Immediately straight there is the fifth Kafka Drawing on the wall. Now drop down and walk backwards a bit and look up, the second Tower Emblem will be on the ceiling of the ground you just were.

Now move on and careful not to fall off the tower as that will kill you right away. Opening the Military Box will give a Diamond (2000 BP). In higher difficulties, in the same area where you must pick up a box in order to reach the next area, there will be one Glasp. It's better to use a bottle on it.

Now continue through the linear path and perform the cooperative actions when prompted. After the two characters pass through a shutter, the sixth and final Kafka Drawing will be at a wall in front of the player as they are crossing a horizontal ladder that fell, before the first Glasp on higher difficulties. Now after climbing down a vertical ladder, look to the right and downwards, the third and last Tower Emblem will be down there.

There is still one last Glasp to face in this level (it will not appear on Casual difficulty), just like the last one, it's best to use a bottle on it since there are no cardboard boxes to let you know where it exactly it is.

In the next scene, Moira will push Claire off the way of some falling debris and get stuck, a 30-second countdown will start regardless if there was less time before the sequence was activated, simply ignore Moira and jump out of the tower when prompted. Staying with Moira will lead to a Game Over.


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