Town Resident's Note is a file in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.


This file can be found by Barry and Natalia on the 2nd floor of living building in the end of Episode 2: Contemplation.


(Written in Russian)

Your father hasn't come home at all since going to the monument. I tried to wait, but I can't do it any longer. I've gone off to look for him.

I was feeling pretty anxious, but everyone there was so nice to me. They told me something nasty was going around, so they gave me a preventative shot, and this bracelet that they said would help protect me.

This place is so large and wondrous. I've never seen anything like it! Of course, this is probably no big deal for her. She saved our island. I'm starting to feel like she can do anything.

I regret ever doubting her.

I suppose it's nothing, but I've been feeling a bit dizzy. Maybe I'm just stressed.

Oh, and I finally found your father! Well, part of him anyway. I always knew he had a good head on his shoulders. Now that's all that's left of him.

I can't possibly bring him back like this.

This bracelet has been making strange sounds. It's a little annoying.

But don't you worry I'm going to find the rest of your father and we're coming home

you must be so hungry

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