Train Derailment 3 is third part of the titular section of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles's "Train Derailment" scenario.


Part 3 starts with Rebecca and Billy in NEST as they fight the Proto Tyrant (T-001 Model). They then move down the second lift to the Treatment Plant, where they get back, via the diagonal lift, to the Umbrella Executive Training School, where they fight the mutated Queen Leech/James Marcus.


Type: Billy and Rebecca discovered a ropeway under the church, a huge bat habitat, and rode it down to a factory. It was deep within that the two found the true source of the monsters.

Rebecca: I bet we'll find the source of the problem down there. Let's go.

Billy: Up there! Watch out!

Billy: We can get down using this!

{Proto Tyrant Appears Cutscene}

Billy: What is that thing?!

Rebecca: Here it comes!

Billy: Damn! Not here too!


Billy: Huh?

{Quicktime Event}

{Cutscene Start}

Billy: That's the guy from the picture. Rebecca: Marcus?! But you're dead... Marcus: Ten years ago, Spencer had me assassinated and stole all of my research.

Marcus: However, something wondrous happened.

Marcus: The T-virus fused with the leeches and brought me back from the darkness of death.

Marcus: Now, I will have my revenge on Umbrella, and the world will burn in an inferno of hate!

{Cutscene End}

Billy: Damn! It's not working!

Red Queen: The self-destruct system has been activated. All personnel please evacuate immediately.

Rebecca: Self-destruct?!

Billy: Great... Come on, move!

Billy: What the heel is that thing?! Rebecca: Billy! Be careful! It's catching up!

Rebecca: I got it! Aim for the mouth!

Billy: This monster doesn't know when to give up!

{Queen Leech Arrives Cutscene}

Billy: It doesn't like sunlight! Bring it!

Billy: We better keep our distance! Over here, freak!

Rebecca: Won't you ever give up?!

Billy: Aim for its weak spot, that seems to drive it back!

Billy: What's with this thing?! Let's drive it into the sunlight!

Rebecca: Just a little more...

{Queen Leech Defeated Cutscene}


Rebecca: I guess it's time to say goodbye.

Rebecca: People are waiting for me.

Rebecca: Officially, Lt. Billy Coen is dead. Billy: Rebecca, thank you...

Wesker (V/O): The pair overcame impossible odds and made it out alive. Lucky, I suppose. Since the event, Billy Coen has gone missing, while Rebecca is about to enter a new nightmare as she heads for the mansion.



Further notes


Easter eggs


In the final battle of queen leech, Marcus looks different from his counterpart in Resident Evil 0, instead of Marcus "Young" Form, he looks like an untransformed Mimicry Marcus, this mistake maybe due to the "Young" form never have a model in Resident Evil 0, and UC depict the cutscene in real time.




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