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The Train Station is a location in Resident Evil 5. It begins Chapter 2-2 and features Adjule and archer Majini. After Josh and the entire BSAA squad proceeding toward the mines, both Chris and Sheva follow.


The player will start inside a small building where a Green Herb and H. Gun Bullets, and the Type 2 Plagas document can be found.

Outside, walking up to where the first Tripwire is three Adjule will attack the player, then two more at the corner of the path. At the second tripwire four more and three crossbow Majini will appear on top of the trains and can all sprout Kipepeo.

There is a Gold (Large) pile on top of one of the trains, Machine gun ammo at the end of the area, Crows flying in the area, and a B.S.A.A. Emblem on one of the tall structures.

Jumping down onto the mine cart will make it automatically start to move where it will go into two tripwires. The player must shoot these to avoid being hit by them. There is another Gold (Large) pile where the card started.

Using the Down command next to the card leads to The Mines.



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