The Assembly hall (集会所 shūkaisho?) is an area of the executive training school.


The assembly hall on 2F is where the executive trainee students would have taken their classes. The room is divided into two sections. In the middle is the classroom, which consists of 16 tables for the students, with a small electronic device on each bench, perhaps alert the teacher. A podium rests on the north side on a platform, with the Umbrella logo on the front. Projection equipment on the podium generates an image on the wall behind for the students to see.

Forming a U-shape around the lesson area is walkway several feet wide. Five frescoes themed around violence surround the room, with a sixth covered by scaffolding for renovation.



Location Localization Original script
Door to the Terrace while it is locked (locked door knob sound) It's locked from the other side.
The south wall left painting The painting depicts a band of revolutionaries.
The south wall right painting The painting depicts a multitude of people fight in a war.
The bottom east wall painting The painting depicts a large mob of people brandishing weapons under a blue, cloudless sky.
The middle east wall painting The painting depicts a group of people eating in a dining room. They're all glaring at each other.
The top east wall painting The painting depicts a crowd of people standing around a castle, wailing in grief.
The scaffolding It's an artist's scaffolding. Perhaps someone was restoring the painting.
The knights while they block the door (locked door sound) The knights' sword firmly bar access to the door.
The screen while it is blank The screen isn't displaying anything at the moment.
The podium screen (view computer screen) Evac. Drill Path: Locked
System Disk Required to Activate Release System




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