The basement hall (B2・地下ホール?) is an area of the Umbrella Executive Training School basement.[1]


The basement hall consists of a large decorative puzzle of animal statues, which can be rotated. Rather than lit by bulbs as the rest of the building, this room is lit by flames, possibly sourced from the boiler room above.


Three Eliminators spawn in this room by default.[1] Five Handgun rounds can be found in this room on all difficulties.[2]


Location Localization Original script
Horse statue "No amount of cunning can match the speed of my supple limbs."
Wolf statue "My sharp wits allow me to bring down even the greatest horned beast."
Eagle "I dance freely through the air, capturing a legless prey."
Stag "I stand tall on the earth with horns proudly displayed."
Snake "I creep up on my victims in a legless silence and conquer even the mightiest of kings with my poison."
Lioness "I am the king of all I survey. No creature can escape my grasp."




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