The boiler room (ボイラー室" boirā-shitsu?)[1] is an area of the Training school.


The boiler room consists of three sections. At the top is a corridor leading to the boiler room proper, to the cafeteria and store room. The boiler room itself, down several steps, consists of a large furnace that provides heating to the entire building. Beyond this is a staircase leading to level B2.


A pipe letting out steam will initially block part of the hall in this room. The steam will stop when the player solves the puzzle in a different room later in the game. Walking into the steam will cause the character to flinch and step back as if they were attacked (but they will not receive any damage).


Location Localization Original script
The extinguisher It looks like a fire extinguisher, but it's so old that it's of no use now.
The steam The way is blocked by a cloud of super-heated steam.




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