The Cafeteria (食堂?)[1] is an area of the Umbrella Executive Training School.


The cafeteria was where the staff and students ate while living at the training school. There are four small tables at the walls seating eight people altogether, with two longer tables pushed together with space for twenty, though some chairs appear to be missing. Dishes, soup bowls, spoons, forks, cups and wine glasses have been left on the tables, and may have served the investigation team prior to the leech attack.


There are two active Zombies here, one will wakes up later. Items that can be found are a Handgun Ammo.


Location Localization Original script
The door to the Kitchen (Locked door knob sound) It's locked. The door is embossed with a fire motif.
The open space window Various cooking utensils line the back of the counter. This must be the kitchen. 奥に調理器具などが見える
The potted plant The tree looks lonely and withered. It seems there was no one to take care of it. 無残に枯れている


The sink The sink's faucet is rusty. Not even a single drop of water comes out. 蛇口が錆びついた水道だ




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