The Conference room (会議室 kaigijitsu?) is an area of the Umbrella Executive Training School.


The conference room was built for meetings between senior staff members. On its northern side are several cabinets full of documentation, likely regarding the facility. On the east is a fireplace, which has been recently lit by the 1st Investigation Unit. To the south is a series of windows looking out to the forest. In the middle of the room is a table around which there is space for several such staff members to converse against the fireplace.


Microfilm B can be found on the fireplace, with some Shotgun Ammo next to it on Easy and Normal. On the window-side of the table is a Green Herb, which appears only on Easy. On the table itself, A Verse of Poetry can be picked up.[1]


Location Localization Original script
Cabinets "The shelf contains neatly-filed documents. There doesn't seem to be anything of interest."
Fireplace "This fire looks like it was lit only a short while ago. Books lie scattered on the floor."
Windows "Outside the window, you can see a dense, pitch-dark expanse of trees."
Photo frame by the door "It's an empty picture frame. The picture seems to have been taken out."




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