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The Director's office is an area of the Umbrella Executive Training School.


The Director's Office overlooks the lake to the north of the training school, with three large windows immediately behind the director's desk. In the middle of the room is a large chess board, which serves as a trap.


Chess 6

Push the white king in this order.

In order to solve the puzzle, the player must push the giant white king piece to the direction of the door until being able to push it to the right, and then, push it to the opposite direction to the door again until it touches the white rook just like in the chessboard over the table. Doing this will make the chessboard move, revealing the Book of Evil and the file Marcus' Diary 1. Examine the Book of Evil to reveal the Black Wing and combine it with the Black Statue to make the Statue of Evil.


Location Localization Original script
Window "Outside the window, you see the wide expanse of a lake."
Painting "There's some kind of painting here, but it's covered with so much dust that you can't make out what it is."
Globe "It's a large globe. It appears to be decaying."
Desk (after getting the Book of Evil) "There's nothing else here."




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