The Drawing room (応接室?) is an area of the Umbrella Executive Training School.


This room appears to have been a private room for Dr. James Marcus, and is decorated in paintings and photographs, with a portrait of a young man hung over a fireplace.


The Notice to All Staff is on the table. Between it and the vanity set, on Easy, are 30 Handgun Ammo rounds.

The Crank Handle is on a vanity set. Taking it will cause crows to burst through the windows and the music to change.


Location Localization Original script
Pictures close to the door It's a picture of a lady.
Pictures in the middle It's a photo of a man in a doctor's gown.
Pictures far from the door It's a painting of a horse galloping across the land.
The fireplace It's a very old fireplace. There's only a small trace of ash left.
The potted plant This plant has wilted.
The dresser (view item on lower shelf, pick up screen for Crank Handle)




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