The Garden (lower) is an area of the Umbrella Executive Training School.


The lower garden is located at the front side of the training school. There is a trench or valley separating the training school from the forest, and the bridge that would have led out has long since collapsed, with grasses growing between the cracks.


The Battery is fitted into a device next to the elevator to power it, allowing transport to the upper garden. The Discipline Tablet is found on the bridge.[1]


Location Localisation Original script
Bridge "The bridge has collapsed in the middle. Beyond the precipice, you see nothing but pitch darkness."
Fence "It's a solidly-built wire mesh. Despite its age, it shows no signs of decay."
Pillar "There's something there, but you can't see it well from here."
Elevator controls "There's no response. Looks like it's not getting any power."




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