The gas laboratory (ガス実験室 gasu jikken-shitsu?) is an area of the Umbrella Executive Training School.


The gas laboratory is located on level 2F of the training school and on the east wing. The room is surrounded by machinery for conducting research in a gas chamber in the middle. The equipment is heavily rusted to the point the machinery may no longer be functioning, and clearly has not been used since the training school shut in 1978. Inside the gas chamber are human skeletal remains, likely of child test subjects killed during Dr. James Marcus' experiments. Scratch marks near the door indicate the victim was conscious at the time. A workbench in the chamber has surgical tools on show, indicating Marcus to have been examining the body before abandoning it.


A Red Herb, Green Herb and a Molotov Cocktail can be found in the gas chamber itself. The Green Herb only spawns in Easy and Normal. Outside the chamber, a First Aid Spray can be found on a bench to the south, and Handgun Ammo can be found next to the door in east.[1]


Location Localisation Original script
Chamber "The floor is littered with bone fragments. You wonder if they're human bones." 骨片が周囲に散乱している人間のものだろうか…
Table "Almost all of the equipment here looks badly worn. Some of the machines are even showing traces of rust."
Northwest corner "There's an assortment of laboratory equipment. There doesn't seem to be anything of interest."




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