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The Infirmary is an area of the Umbrella Executive Training School.


The infirmary has space for four patients. Three of these beds are stained with blood. Medicine covers the room, showing the facility was well-stocked, but they are long past their use-by date.


Two Blue Herbs and two First Aid Sprays are found in this room.


Location Localization Original script Unofficial translation
Broken mirror It's an old, dusty suit of armor. You can't even see your own face reflected. 埃にまみれた鏡だ。自分の姿さえも映っていない。 The mirror is covered in dust. You can't even see your own reflection.
Green cylinder (as Billy) "Looks like some kind of chemical. You'll need a container to carry it..."
Bed "It's a doctor's examination bed. The sheets are stained with blood."
Shelf "The shelf contains various medical tools and drugs. They're all manufactured by Umbrella."
Shelf "The shelf contains an assortment of medicines. They're too old to be of any use."

Further notesEdit

  • The examination for the mirror is mistranslated in the HD Remaster. The word "mirror" ( kagami?) was misread as the word "armor" ( yoroi?).




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