The Kitchen (厨房 Chūbō?) is an area of the Umbrella Executive Training School. It is located on the east side on level 1F.


The kitchen has deteriorated significantly since the facility was abandoned, with pots and pans being heavily rusted. The sink has a hose pipe sticking out of it and is half full of water, suggesting some level of recent use by the Umbrella teams. There kitchen has been used by the Umbrella teams to house a new coffee maker; clean cups are next to it. Before the Queen Leech took over the facility, food may have been in preparation, though it is hard to tell exactly what kind of flesh was being cut.


The Kitchen is unlocked with the Fire Key. On all difficulties, the Lighter Fluid and an Empty Bottle can be recovered from this room. On Easy, a Red Herb is also present.[1]


Official localization Original script
It's a refrigerator.
The door is broken and refuses to open.
These utensils appear to be well-used. 使い込まれた調理器具が並んでいる
The sink has long since lost its shine.
A wide selection of spices and seasonings. Some of them are quite rare nowadays.




  1. Hamamura (ed.), KAITAISHINSHO, p.286.
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