The observation room (監視室 Kanshi-shitsu?) is an area of the Umbrella Executive Training School basement.


Like much of level B1, the observation room's walls are a sterile concrete design. The doors are of a wooden design almost Medieval in appearance. Against the monitor room corridor is a radiator which is brown with rust. A pipe standing against it has a valve on it flow changing the flow of hot water.

One one table is a desk with a lamp on. It contains books, a notepad and a chain, perhaps for handcuffing the occupant. Similar chains can be found hanging on the wall leading to the confinement room, allowing Dr. James Marcus' victims to be kept in custody. Bars on the door and window overlooking the confinement room also allow Marcus to examine people in there without leaving.


The Correctional Institute Inmates List file can be found here. If the room is revisited after Rebecca is saved from the Worksite ruins, two Eliminators will spawn.[1]




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