The worksite ruins (作業現場跡 sagyō genba ato?) is an area of the Umbrella Executive Training School basement.


This area appears to have been once the site of an underground construction project. Boxes for storing gunpowder are nearby, suggesting workmen were in the process of tunnelling through the rock when the facility was closed in 1978. Brick walls have been built, but are incomplete and not uniform. A large hole in the floor leading to places unknown is present in this room, though this was the result of the torture chamber's collapse and not the workers' doing.


Rebecca is rescued by Billy from here after falling down a hole in the torture chamber.


Location Localization Original script
The hole A wide hole gapes before you, the product of the ceiling's collapse.
Box It's a wooden box. It looks like it was once filled with gunpowder.
Cardboard box The cardboard box is full of tools. There doesn't seem to be anything of use.




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