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This scenario is simply a training scenario. The player chooses their character, then will begin at J's Bar and pick up files to help them learn how to play the game.


Though simply a tutorial about Resident Evil Outbreak File #2's new gameplay features, it seems to follow the original "Outbreak" scenario in Resident Evil Outbreak. The scenario starts off inside J's Bar with the player alone, and the player will have to follow a series of messages and notes regarding both old and new features of the game.

They start off in the main bar, then make their way to the staircase introducing a new feature of crawling while taking items. They then go to the lounge to find their first partner injured, a useful feature from the first game to pick up injured partners to help them stand up so that they wouldn't die early. Next, they travel to the wine cellar to find their third partner dead, which introduces yet another useful feature from the first game of taking their dead partners' items. Next, they travel to the roof, finding several weapons and first aid sprays, which they can take and use to battle the zombie blocking the way, which ends the scenario.


The only characters you can find here are your main character, your first partner (lying injured in the lounge) and your second partner (lying dead, with random items).

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