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Cardosa (referred to in the credits as the Transport Trooper) was an Umbrella operative during the clone Dr. Alexander Isaacs' mission to the Hive in 2012.


Following the doctor's capture of the rogue asset Alice, Cardosa was at the tank's control center. Following the sounds of commotion and gunfire outside the vehicle (the captive battling with an unnamed fellow operative), Isaacs ordered Cardosa to investigate, where he was quickly attacked by Alice as she attempted to escape.

After a short brawl with the woman, Cardosa was pushed off the side of the tank, gripping desperately to its side before pursuing zombies ultimately killed him. Alice ultimately escaped custody and made her way to Raccoon City. 

Behind the scenes

Cardosa was portrayed by Paul Hampshire  in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Although he remained unnamed in both the film and its credits, the character's name can be seen on a tag on his shirt. According to the Internet Movie Firearms Database, this operative was carrying a modified Glock 17.

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