The Transport plane concourse (輸送機停留所?)[1] was a room in underground airport on Rockfort Island.


The concourse is a long bridge that can be elevated when needed for planes to pass through.


There are no items in this room. In terms of enemies, it is populated by a cluster of Bats.


Location Localization Original script
Control panel (1F) "Possibly a control system of the airport."
Computer "This device powers the boarding lift. Push the switch ? >Yes >No"
Lift control panel "Apparently, a control panel for the lift. Push the switch ? >Yes >No"
Lift control panel "It won't work. Something seems to be missing."
Lift control panel (after putting the proofs) "Apparently, a control panel for the lift. Push the switch? >Yes No"
Control panel (2F) "A control panel for the elevator iron bridge. The Control Lever is missing."
Control panel (after placing the lever) "Raise the lever? >Yes No"
Control panel (raised bridge) "There is a lever. Lower the lever? >Yes No"
Absent bridge (1F) "The elevator iron bridge stopped upstaires."
Steve (after talking to him once) I must escape quickly...
Hunter containers "It's empty..."
Computer "This device supplies electricity to the lift. Cut off the electricity? >Yes No"
Computer (after use) "Nothing is being shown."
Lift control panel (after taking the proofs) "There's nothing left."




  1. Hamamura (ed.), Kaitai Shinsho, p.154
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