Bear trap 1

Leon's foot got caught in the trap

The "Trap" (トラップ torappu?)[1] is an environmental hazard in Resident Evil 4, with the concept re-used in Resident Evil: Revelations. In both games they share the same principle as a bear trap.

Resident Evil 4


Ashley trapped.

The Trap is encountered early on in Resident Evil 4 around the Village. The Traps are heavily rusted, making them sometimes difficult to spot against the brown earth. They are also sometimes dug into the ground so only the teeth are visible. The bear traps were presumably set by the villagers to stop human intruders as they were seen just outside their village, and placed in areas humans would likely pass through.

If Leon stepped on a trap, it'll clam up on his leg and do a small amount of damage, immobilizing him for a few moments. Ashley Graham can also be harmed and caught by traps. Players must move close to her and use the action button to free her leg. Traps cannot kill any characters. Traps can also be triggered and rendered safe to step over by shooting them or swinging the Knife at them.

In beginning of the game, a white dog is stuck in a bear trap. It can be freed with the action button. Freeing the dog will allow it to assist Leon later in the game.

List of areas with bear traps:

It should also be noted that enemies will not set off the traps.[excerpt 1]

Resident Evil: Revelations

In Resident Evil: Revelations, the Scagdead's fanged maw can spit out organic bear trap, which is used to temporarily immobilize the player. When caught, the player must repeatedly press the action button to break free. Additionally, the character will break free by himself/herself even without pressing the action button. Furthermore, the bear trap does little damage, with the main danger being the Scagdead itself.




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