Trapped by Alfred (DIJ scene 1) (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.

Plot Edit

The moment Claire was about to go into the warhouse, Alfred closes the shutters behind her, forcing her to proceed to the "playground" he prepared for her.


Alfred Ashford: "Welcome Claire, consider the area you're in... a special playground I have prepared just for you. Please try and keep me amused and do not disappoint me by dying to soon. I so want to enjoy this."

アルフレッド・アシュフォード: "ようこそ クレア、 ここから先は闘技場だ。特別な場所なので心してくれ、貴様のために用意したのだから。 たっぷりと楽しませて欲しい。間違っても あっけなく死んで私をがっかりさせないでおくれ。"


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