Treasure Maps are a unique feature to Resident Evil 4. They reveal the location of treasure on the player's map by marking them with an "X".

Each map costs 10,000₧ from the Merchant. They are only available during the Chapters that the map apply to. There is no option to sell them back once bought.

In the main game, there are three maps Leon can purchase. They're all based around the three main sections, the Village, Castle, and Island. In Separate Ways, a different map is available to Ada in each of the five chapters.


The displayed name of each map is as follows;

  • Treasure Map (Village)
  • Treasure Map (Castle)
  • Treasure Map (Island)
  • Mission 1 Treasure Map
  • Mission 2 Treasure Map
  • Mission 3 Treasure Map
  • Mission 4 Treasure Map
  • Mission 5 Treasure Map


  • A variant of the treasure map feature appeared in Chapter 3-1 of Resident Evil 5, where Chris and Sheva input data regarding emblems into their GPS tools in order to locate them.
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