""I hid something nice here. Try to find it if you can!""
— Item examination & inventory description

Treasure Photo (おたからの写真 otakara no shashin?) is an item in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


The Treasure Photo reveals the location of hidden items throughout the game. The photo has to be in Ethan's inventory at least once for the hidden items to be accessible, but can be discarded at once thereafter.

Treasure Photos solutions
Map Area Room Description Item revealed
Main House Drawing Room The large stone on the right of the fireplace Steroids
Yard In Zoe's trailer on the toilet 44 Mag Ammo
Testing Area In the corner of the room on top of a cage Repair Kit


Map area Room Description
Processing Area On a metal shelf just near the Lock Pick
Old House On top of the power box before climbing up the stairs leading to the 2F Old House
Main House Storage In the Snake Key Bedroom's storage room located on a stool.




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