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Treat to Awful Fright is a cutscene which plays in the original Resident Evil.


Albert Wesker: Tyrant virus is a super virus; which creates a monster which is much stronger than human beings. Tyrant is the most powerful biological weapon in the world.

Jill Valentine: You don't mean you're experimenting on... real people?

Wesker: This is really beautiful. All this power will be mine...

Jill: For the sake of an awful creature?

Wesker: Don't be upset. All weak people exist to be eaten.

Wesker: What? Don't come this way! No!

Jill: It can't control what it does.

Albert Wesker: ”タイラントウィルス”はホモサピエンスに感染しヒトを超える生命を作りだす
その生命体 ”タイラント” こそまさに究極最強の生物兵器!

Jill Valentine: まさか人体実験まで…!

Wesker: 実に美しい

Jill: こんなもののために…

Wesker: 泣き言を!

Jill: やるしかないわね


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