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Treat to Awful Fright is a cutscene which plays in the original Resident Evil. This cutscene plays in the Jill Story if the player kept Barry alive by waiting for the rope.


Jill Valentine: Can a creature like this really be the ultimate biological weapon?

Barry Burton: Really. Wesker is a crazy man!

Jill: Tyrant is not completely developed.

Barry: But we can't let it live!
That must be the computer for monitoring this creature!
Damn you!

Jill: It can't control what it does.

Jill Valentine: こんな奴が究極の生物兵器?

Barry Burton: ウェスカーも人が悪いぜ

Jill: まだ完全じゃないようね

Barry: だが    生かすわけにはいかん

Jill: やるしかないわね


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