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Tricell cargo ship docked

Chris and Sheva approach the massive ship.

"Sheva: This ship is huge. Do you think they're planning to use it to spread Uroboros?
Chris: No, using a ship like this would give away their position too soon. They must have another plan.

This unnamed ship was a bulk carrier operated by Tricell, an international conglomerate. Overseen by their African holding company, director Excella Gionne repurposed it as a cover for illegal bioweapons research and development, centralised at a facility on the West African coastline. The ship was instrumental in Tricell's Uroboros Project, and was intended to be the launching pad of their doomsday project. The ship was severely damaged by the Uroboros Aheri in March 2009 and is assumed to have sunk.


"Excella: The preparations are almost complete. Then we can leave.
Wesker: Good.

Over the early 2000s, Tricell fostered close relations with former Umbrella executive Dr. Albert Wesker, who proved instrumental in forming a near-monopoly over the bioweapons black market following the 2003 collapse of the Umbrella Corporation. Following Tricell's seizure of the Garden of the Sun and Umbrella's abandoned facility there, the underground caverns became the central location for Tricell's bioweapons research and development. To fascilitate the transportation of BOWs and materials to and from the facility, a harbour was constructed along the coastline and the carrier modified to suit the company's purposes. This included the construction of an aircraft hanger capable of launching a stealth bomber. Laboratories were also present on board the ship to allow for parallel research into Progenitor Virus.

Over the eight months leading up to March 2009 Gionne began tightening her grip on their facilities under Wesker, with nonessential workers being killed to prevent security leaks. By March most if not all crew had been replaced with Majini mercenaries. Following a BSAA raid on the laboratory complex, Gionne and Wesker disembarked on the ship, though were at first unaware BSAA SOA operators Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar had successfully infiltrated it.[1] Over the course of the night the ship became a battleground as mercenary teams quickly lost ground. Putting the Uroboros Project into its final stages, Wesker readied the stealth bomber for departure, while Gionne narrowly escaped capture while recovering a case containing the PG67A/W medication.[2] To scuttle the ship, Wesker soon after betrayed Gionne by infecting her with the experimental virus; the resulting Uroboros Aheri quickly grew to massive proportions as it consumed the remains of the dead, compromising the hull as it tore the ship apart in search of more food.[3] While Aheri was destroyed by the Shango Satellite Laser, the damage to the ship was extreme and bulkheads were lowered in an effort to prevent the spread of flooding between compartments.

In the vessel's final recorded moments, Redfield and Alomar battled Wesker in the hangar, before all three escaped on the ship, leaving it adrift in the Atlantic.[4][5]


Further notes[]

  • During development of Resident Evil 5, the ship was considerably larger to the point of being larger than any real vessel that existed at the time.
  • While the ship is referred to as a "tanker" in the title of a Chapter 5-3 cutscene, the game instead portrays it as a conventional bulk carrier rather than an oil or LNG tanker.


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