The Triple Barreled Shotgun is a Weapon card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. The Hydra is the special weapon of the Shotgun deck in the Resource Area, and is the successor of the Automatic Shotgun. Like most Shotgun cards, the Hydra grants extra Explores. But unlike other shotguns it grants +2 instead of just one. The additional effect of the Hydra is gaining +10 Damage the player character(s) is/are fighting, thus giving it 30 extra Damage if all the Explores are used. This makes it especially deadly in the hands of characters with effects that grant extra Explores or gain damage like the original Chris Redfield card, whose effect would technically give the weapon a +15 Damage bonus for every Infected encountered. The Hydra has a Gold Cost of 90, an ammo requirement of 80, and deals 50 Damage without the use of its effects.


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