The trolley mines are a huge segment of bedrock beneath the Castle, where a large mining operation is underway.


Searching for the Stone of Sacrifice, Leon must venture inside the mines with a trolley where he will encounter numerous waves of villagers and Chainsaw mans.


There are multiple obstacle during the ride inside the trolley, such as the wood that are place in the middle of the ride. It can either be dodge or shoot, but if fails it should result moderate damage to Leon.

In the room where you find the Stone of Sacrifice, there is a pile of skeleton right on the left side of the door you just entered. In Play Station 3 version, if you stand in the correct position near or on top of the skeleton a "Take" command will appear allowing you to take up to 2800 ptas.

Enemy stats

# Image Type Weapon HP Location
A Villager Axe 1000 On a platform at the stard of the cart ride.
B Villager Axe 1000 Ditto.
C Villager Sickle 1000 Ditto.
D Villager Axe 1000 On a platform on the right.
E Villager Axe 1000 Ditto.
F Villager Sickle 1000 Ditto.
G Villager Axe 1200 On a platform on the left.
H Villager Axe 1000 Ditto.
I Villager Kitchen knife 1000 Ditto.
J Villager Axe 1200 Ditto.
K Villager Kitchen knife 1000 Ditto.
L Chainsaw Man Chainsaw 4000 At the station.
M Villager Torch 1200 At the station.
N Villager Axe 1000 At the station.
O Villager Axe 800 At the station.
P Villager Torch 1 At the station.
Q Villager Fork 1000 After a fork.
R Villager Axe 800 Ditto.
S Villager Kitchen knife 1200 Ditto.
T Chainsaw Man Chainsaw 4000 Jumps at a station.
U Villager Axe 800 Ditto.
V Villager Axe 900 Ditto.
W Villager Axe 1200 Ditto.
X Villager Axe 1000 Jumps from a platform on the left before the spiral.
Y Villager Unarmed 1000 Ditto.
Z Villager Unarmed 1000 Jumps from a platform on the right before the spiral.
A Villager Axe 800 Ditto.




  1. トロッコ坑道 (Torokko kōdō?) translates as "trolley mines", "dolly mines", "trolley tunnel" and "dolly tunnel".
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