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Trouble with Women[1] is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is played after Leon Chapter 5 as the epilogue. It is known in Japanese as On'na tte yatsu wa (女ってやつは?).


Helena visits Deborah's grave with Leon and Hunnigan. Content that her sister has been avenged, Helena had her sidearm to Leon, ready to be arrested. However, Leon hands it back and Hunnigan explains that Helena has been cleared of all charges as the chip Ada left them has revealed Simmons's corruption. Helena hands Ada's compact to Leon, telling him to give back to Ada the next time they meet. As Helena and Hunnigan head back to the car, Leon mutters "women" under his breath and heads after them.


Helena: "It's time for me to take responsibility."
"Thank you."
"I'm ready."
"What? But I assisted in the attack!"
Ingrid Hunnigan: "The investigating commission have reviewed the evidence, and feel it unjust to hold you liable for Simmons' crime. They will also not be disclosing their findings to the public."
Helena: "But..."
Leon: "The president would have done the same."
Ingrid Hunnigan: "All right, shall we go join the team?"
Helena: "Leon!"
"For the next time, you see her!"
Leon: "Women."

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