Trump Cards (SPカードについて SP kādo ni tsuite?) is a file in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


⬥ What are trump cards?
Trump cards are vital to winning games of 21.
Using one triggers a special effect, such as drawing a specific card or returning the opponent's card to the deck.

⬥ When can I use trump cards?
You can use trump card at any time during your turn.

⬥ When do I get trump cards?
Each player is given one trump card at the start of each round.

⬥ When do trump cards take effect?
Trump cards generally take effect in one of two ways:
· The card remains in effect as long as it is on the table.
· The card takes effect immediately when used.

⬥ How many trump cards can I have on the table at once?
You can never have more than five trump cards on the table at once. If you already have five laid out, you cannot add another table effect card. (Instant effect cards can still be used.)

⬥ Can I use trump cards on the opponent's face-down card?
Trump cards that exchange cards or return them to the deck cannot be used on the opponent's face-down card. Be aware that even if the trump card cannot take effect, it will still be expended.

Note: Even in a turn when both players chose to stay rather than draw new cards, if a trump card has been used, the round will continue on to the next turn.

⬥ SPカードとは?
「21」で勝利するために重要なアイテムです。 「指定した数字のカードを引く」、

⬥ 使用タイミング

⬥ 配られるタイミング
ラウンド開始時に、各プレイヤーに1枚ずつ配られます。 また、カードを引く時にも獲得できることがあります。

⬥ 効果が発動するタイミング

⬥ 場に置けるSPカードの数

⬥ 裏向きカードへの使用
裏向きのカードに対して、「山札に戻す」「交換する」などの SPカードの効果を発揮することはできません。

⬥ その他
そのターンにSPカードが使用されていた場合は 勝敗判定が行われずに、ゲームが続行されます。



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