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The "Turning Around Zombie" (often informally referred to as the "First Zombie" or "Taz") is the name given to the first zombie encountered in Resident Evil, coined by Shinji Mikami in an interview for the GameCube biohazard Official Navigation Book.[1] The scene where it is found eating Kenneth J. Sullivan and turns around to face the player has become an iconic moment from the franchise and a defining cultural moment in both horror and video games. In 2016, Capcom frequently used the image of the Turning Around Zombie to celebrate the series 20th Anniversary.

In Jill's scenario, the creature will follow Jill back into the dining hall regardless if it was killed in the tea room or not. If Jill avoids the tea room and repeatedly attempts to re-enter the mansion's foyer after Barry has discovered the pool of blood, the zombie will break into the dining room on it's own. After seemingly killing the creature, Jill and Barry, will temporarily ponder it's nature, as well as its role in Sullivan's death, before deciding to return to the foyer to report the situation to Albert Wesker. In the REmake, the zombie will survive this initial encounter and sneak back into it's tea room when the duo attempt to leave the dining hall. It also makes an additional appearance later in Kenneth's Film, where it is shown killing Sullivan.


The two cutscenes involving the Turning Around Zombie in the 2002 remake were initially bloodless. 3DCGI director Shimako Sato had the scene of it attacking Kenneth J. Sullivan altered to have blood spatter over the camera, while Mikami had its introductory scene altered to feature dripping blood.[1]

In the 1996 original as well as its 2005 port, Deadly Silence, the zombie was given human-like eyes, including blue irises and pupils and cracked maroon lips. In the remake and remaster versions as well as The Umbrella Chronicles however, their eyes were made nearly completely white and the creatures lips had flayed away entirely to emphasize the fact that it was a monster.

How it killed Sullivan differed between its appearances. In the 1996 original and its port, Deadly Silence, Turning Around Zombie was implied to have decapitated Sullivan. In the 1995 demonstration, the remake and remaster versions, and The Umbrella Chronicles, it simply tore out Sullivan's throat. Both the remaster and the remake versions also depict how Sullivan was killed on-screen via Kenneth's Film.


Further notes[]

  • The iconic scene has been parodied and referenced multiple times in other media, including Mikami's The Evil Within and even other Resident Evil media, such as Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 6, and Resident Evil: Vendetta.
  • Owing to the original game taking elements from Sweet Home, the Turning Around Zombie's actions in its introduction were taken from the intro to the Man enemy in the same game.
  • In the remake, if the player did not kill him at the first meeting, the Turning Around Zombie will remain standing in the tea room at the end of the hallway. However, if the player killed him prior to encountering Barry, the Turning Around Zombie will lie in the same place where he was killed and slowly transform into a Crimson Head.



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