Tyrant (BIOHAZARD 2 Ver.) is an action figure manufactured and sold by Moby Dick as part of its "Real Shock Action Figure" line of toys. The action figure is based on the T-00, a boss seen in Resident Evil 2. It comes with two pairs of hands that can be swapped, one being a fist and the other being open palmed.


This figure stands approximately 11 inches tall and features many points of articulation. The head rotates and swivels in all directions, the shoulders can rotate forward and backwards and bend in and out, the knees and elbows can bend, the ankles, wrists, and thighs all rotate. This figure even features waist articulation.  As far as posing goes, this figure's leg posing is limited due to the large coat's lower half. However, the limitation is far less severe than that of the Palisades Mr. X figure allowing for slightly more posing. The same applies to the head on this figure, which unlike its Palisades counterpart can rotate far more as the coat parts around its head aren't nearly as high or close. 

This figure comes with interchangable hands for additional posing and a Nemesis Type-3 Rib.



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