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This Tyrant (タイラント tairanto?), code named "T-002 (T‐002型 tī-zero-zero-tsū-gata?)", was part of the Arklay Laboratory's quest to develop the "ultimate life form". The T-002 and its associated Tyrant Project was, at the time, top-secret.[2][excerpt 1] T-002 was found to have intelligence almost at the same level as its human, pre-infected form, which would have allowed it to follow a wide variety of commands beyond that of the Hunter models had its life not been drastically cut short.[2][excerpt 2]


The T-002 was the first successful development of the Tyrant Project, an Umbrella USA R&D project that sought to create enhanced human bio-weapons intelligent and strong enough to fully replace soldiers on the front lines. The project was stalled for years due to the rarity of a certain gene for intelligence, which allowed infected humans to mutate differently from Zombies. Such individuals were, themselves, likely to die during the mutation, rendering Tyrant impractical to create at the time.[2]

In 1998, the finalisation of the Arklay Laboratory's improved strain, Epsilon, which began mutating the host's body almost instantly, gave the team the opportunity to create such a weapon, though emergency surgery was necessary for the project.[2] At least convicts with beneficial genetic traits had already been located by Umbrella, and they were brought over to the lab to take part in the project. Due to the severity of the mutations, all but one of the participants perished.[2]

Development of T-002 was cut-short when the t-Virus escaped containment during the surgical procedure. Consequently, no written report was completed, and the B.O.W. itself received no new bodily improvements.[2] Cloned embryos of T-002 were successfully evacuated by Dr. Albert Wesker during a visit, but the Tyrant itself was not evacuated when the quarantine was raised. In July, Dr. Wesker was given orders to destroy it during his S.T.A.R.S. team's investigation of the above mansion, but instead released it from containment with the knowledge it could attack him.[3] After stabbing Dr. Wesker, it turned its attention to the other S.T.A.R.S. survivors, and was finally killed by a rocket launcher on the laboratory helipad.[4]



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