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Inside of BIO-HAZARD - page 56

The T-002 was an evolved human being who had received surgical alterations after his initial infection. In terms of natural mutations, his left hand developed into a powerful claw with the production of bony deposits.[1][excerpt 1] His muscles advanced beyond normal human limits, and he was capable of running at speeds of up to 43 miles per hour (69 km/h).[2] In terms of intelligence, the T-002 went through limited brain damage during the mutation process, in drastic difference to Zombies.[1][excerpt 2] He also did not suffer from bodily decay, which Zombies suffered from considerably.[1] However, like Zombies, T-002 went through a growth spurt during the two and a half months between the initial t-Virus outbreak at the Arklay Laboratory and its destruction.[1] From the enhancements made in surgery, T-002 received a heart transplant from two large mammals, with the two surgically altered to function as a single heart. This procedure effectively led to the Tyrant having two separate circulatory systems.[1][excerpt 3]

After passing out in the culture room, T-002's power limiter was disabled, allowing him to begin mutating further. In his Super Tyrant form, T-002 is noted as having a red hue, possibly indicative of blood pumping. His physical strength and agility was increased to the point he could jump through a concrete ceiling.[3][excerpt 4]

It is known that T-002 posessed a special organ capable of releasing the ε strain as an airborne pathogen. This organ was used to infect the Arklay Laboratory staff during a procedure in May 1998.



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