Further notes
  • A second Tyrant will be encountered in the Culture tank room in the Sega Saturn port. It will break out of its capsule (though it does not physically appear inside the capsule until Chris attempts to leave the room) after the T-002 is defeated, but only while playing as Chris. It appears identical to the T-002 and shares similar stats.
  • A golden version of the T-002 appears in the Sega Saturn-exclusive Battle Mode, with stats identical to its normal version.
  • Jill Valentine can summon this Tyrant as a hyper combo attack in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and destroy it with a rocket launcher.
  • This Tyrant makes a small appearance in the game Marvel vs Capcom 3 in the "Tricell Laboratory" stage in which he is in a test tube just like the original Resident Evil. The only difference is that he will be surrounded by Licker β in containment cells. It is strange that he appears in a Tricell Laboratory, considering Umbrella originally developed him.
  • This Tyrant can demonstrate its power by swatting any rocket coming at him if he sees one. This ability is shared with T-103.
  • The T-002 shows it may have its own "t" regenerative capabilities in its genes, much like his predecessor the T-001, as it was incapacitated in its previous battle against Chris and Jill but was able to recover in minutes and pursue them once more.
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