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The T-103 was a series of Tyrant-type bio-weapons produced by the Umbrella Corporation. The T-103 was the culmination of Umbrella USA and Umbrella Europe's competition to create a powerful, human-based B.O.W. capable of following orders. Until November 1998, the T-103s were mass-produced from the Tyrant Plant on Sheena Island.

Model historyEdit

The T-103 was an improvement over human bio-weapon development, which was spearheaded by the Arklay Laboratory and their T-002 prototype. The T-103 was largely untested in early 1998, and had already spawned several derivatives by July 1998, when the T-002 was destroyed by S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team members Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. The data from this event was used to further improve the model.

Dead Tyrant

A deceased Tyrant seen in Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A.

T-103s were sent out on missions during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident. One individual was dispatched to retrieve remaining G-Virus samples. A group of five were transported by the same helicopter to stop a Delta Force incursion into an Umbrella facility.

Model lineageEdit

The T-103 model proved to Umbrella that the Tyrant class of B.O.W. was commercially viable, in that they could be mass-produced, they were compliant with programming, and they were lethally effective at their tasks. As a result, not only were multiple batches of T-103 Tyrants produced, data from the T-103 was eventually used to enhance future forms of Tyrant. At least four models of Tyrant exist that can be directly connected to the T-103:

  • T-00: one of the first models based on T-103. T-00 was the batch-number of 6 Tyrants dropped in Raccoon City, with T-00 being dropped in the Raccoon City Police Department, the other batch-numbers were dropped in other areas such as the Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A Scrapyard passageway and Generator Room as seen in the third game.
  • Nemesis-T Type: This "Pursuer" Tyrant was created by parasitising a T-103 Tyrant with the Nemesis Parasite.
  • T-0400TP: This was a prototype of a newer, more advanced and even deadlier version of the T-103 model, though it was lost during the Raccoon City incident.
  • T-103 Mass Production Model: This model was the official mass-produced model following the prototypes that fought in Raccoon City. Only one individual is known of, however, the "T-078" that fought Claire Redfield on Rockfort Island.
  • Ivan: This model of Tyrant was a T-103 variant specially modified to capitalize upon the human-like appearance of its previous model, enabling them to better blend into humanity whilst still being lethally effective bodyguards. Only 10 Ivan models are known to have ever been created, and at least two of these were assigned to Sergei Vladimir as his bodyguards; this first batch of Ivans were, in fact, created from clones of Sergei Vladimir.
  • Unidentified Tyrant series: This model is the latest known Tyrant model based on T-103, developed in Eastern Slav Republic lab of president Svetlana Belikova in 2011. This tyrant model is a lot larger than the mass production model, does not have a visible heart in their super form and has only one slightly mutated claw, therefore making it harder to defeat.