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Tyrant T-103 (タイラント(T‐103型) tairanto (tī-wan-zero-surī-gata)?) was a series of mass-produced human bio organic weapons (B.O.W.s). Produced in 1998 from modified clones of the T-002 Tyrant, the T-103 was the posthumous completion of the Tyrant Project's goal. T-103s possessed intelligence close to that of normal humans, and could follow orders impossible for more primitive B.O.W.s. Consequently, the T-103 models were used as bodyguards; assassins sent to hunt specific individuals; Umbrella agents sent to acquire important objects, and hard-muscle for tackling armed opposition. The reason that the development code was "103" rather than "003" is likely a point to separate it from its predecessors, marking it as the true mass-produced Tyrant it was, rather than another prototype.[1]


Development of the T-103 took place in May 1998 after successful development of the Tyrant T-002. Like other B.O.W.s in the Arklay Laboratory, an embryonic clone of the T-002 was created and evacuated from the facility by Dr. William Birkin shortly after the t-virus outbreak. Development focusing on improvements was conducted in the Umbrella Underground Laboratory beneath Raccoon City in an attempt to overcome the T-002's fatal flaw of going out of human control and gaining a sense of self after being left alone for several months. Following completion, the T-103 entered mass-production at the Tyrant Plant on Sheena Island. Several experimental variants were developed from this new model.

Operational history

The earliest known use of a T-103 in a live combat situation was in July 1998, when Col. Vladimir and one of his custom "Ivan" T-103 bodyguards entered Raccoon Forest. One briefly fought Captain Albert Wesker in the executive training school's train yard and defended Vladimir from escaped B.O.W.'s after seizing the T-011 test subject the Arklay Laboratory.

The 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident saw several T-103s deployed into Raccoon City. On 26 September, the Nemesis-T Type was airlifted into the city with orders to eliminate any members of S.T.A.R.S. This mission was a training exercise to verify its ability to remember the faces of its targets and hunt them down.[2] The Tyrant and its Nemesis parasite were destroyed on 1 October by S.T.A.R.S. officer Jill Valentine.

Dead Tyrant

A deceased Tyrant seen in Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A.

On 29 September, Col. Vladimir ordered an air-shipment of six Tyrants for two missions. "T-00" received orders to recover the G-virus sample in Sherry Birkin's pendant and eliminate survivors within the Raccoon Police Station,[3][excerpt 1] while the remaining five T-103s were instructed to kill the Delta Force intruders near Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A.[2] All six were killed during their respective missions. The former, "00", followed a group of survivors to the adjacent NEST, where it was killed by a rocket launcher.

In November 1998, Sheena Island‘s commander, Vincent Goldman, destroyed the island community as revenge for their attempts to notify Umbrella HQ of his misconduct. He released a number of T-103s to kill Ark Thompson. Another individual T-103 with the series number T-078 was shipped to Rockfort Island via the Antarctic Transport Terminal and arrived at some point before late December 1998 when the island was attacked by the Hive-Host Capture Force. T-078 was released from containment by island commander Alfred Ashford, 7th Earl Ashford to kill Claire Redfield. Though the Tyrant was able to board a seaplane and confront her, it was thrown out of the cargo bay with explosives and died.


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