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For the main T-103 in RE2, see T-00.

Tyrant T-103 (タイラント(T‐103型) tairanto (tī-wan-zero-surī-gata)?) was a series of mass-produced human bio organic weapons (B.O.W.s). Produced in 1998 from modified clones of the T-002 Tyrant, the T-103 was the posthumous completion of the Tyrant Project's goal.

T-103s possessed intelligence close to that of normal humans, and could follow orders impossible for more primitive B.O.W.s. Consequently, the T-103 models were used as bodyguards, assassins sent to hunt specific individuals, Umbrella agents sent to acquire important objects, and hard-muscle for tackling armed opposition.

The reason that the development code was "103" rather than "003" is likely a point to separate it from its predecessors, marking it as the true mass-produced Tyrant it was, rather than another prototype.[1]


Development of the T-103 took place in May 1998 after successful development of the Tyrant T-002. Like other B.O.W.s in the Arklay Laboratory, an embryonic clone of the T-002 was created and evacuated from the facility by Dr. William Birkin shortly after the t-virus outbreak. Development focusing on improvements was conducted in the Umbrella Underground Laboratory beneath Raccoon City in an attempt to overcome the T-002's fatal flaw of going out of human control and gaining a sense of self after being left alone for several months. Following completion, the T-103 entered mass-production at the Tyrant Plant on Sheena Island. Several experimental variants were developed from this new model.

Operational history[]

The earliest known use of a T-103 in a live combat situation was in July 1998, when Col. Vladimir and one of his custom "Ivan" T-103 bodyguards entered Raccoon Forest. One briefly fought Captain Albert Wesker in the executive training school's train yard and defended Vladimir from escaped B.O.W.'s after seizing the T-011 test subject at the Arklay Laboratory.

The 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident saw several T-103s deployed into Raccoon City. On 26 September, the Nemesis-T Type was airlifted into the city with orders to eliminate any members of S.T.A.R.S. This mission was a training exercise to verify its ability to remember the faces of its targets and hunt them down.[2] The Tyrant and its Nemesis parasite were destroyed on 1 October by S.T.A.R.S. officer Jill Valentine.

Dead Tyrant

A deceased Tyrant seen in Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A.

On 29 September, Col. Vladimir ordered an air-shipment of six Tyrants for two missions. "T-00" received orders to recover the G-virus sample in Sherry Birkin's pendant and eliminate survivors within the Raccoon Police Station,[3][excerpt 1] while the remaining five T-103s were instructed to kill the Delta Force intruders near Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A.[2] All six were killed during their respective missions. The former, "00", followed a group of survivors to the adjacent NEST, where it was killed by a rocket launcher.

In November 1998, Sheena Island‘s commander, Vincent Goldman, destroyed the island community as revenge for their attempts to notify Umbrella HQ of his misconduct. He released a number of T-103s to kill Ark Thompson. Another individual T-103 with the series number T-078 was shipped to Rockfort Island via the Antarctic Transport Terminal and arrived at some point before late December 1998 when the island was attacked by H.C.F.. T-078 was released from containment by island commander Alfred Ashford, 7th Earl Ashford to kill Claire Redfield. Though the Tyrant was able to board a seaplane and confront her, it was thrown out of the cargo bay with explosives and died.

Discontinuation and successors[]

While the T-103 model line was eventually (and inevitably) discontinued, the framework that the T-103 lineup had provided was invaluable to the production of future B.O.W.s. This was such the case prior to 2011, where multiple Tyrants were revealed thirteen years after the original model's production had ceased. These Tyrants, which appear to be modified and improved variants of the T-103 model, were used in the Eastern Slav Republic in early 2011 during its civil war, where three were dispatched and encountered by Leon Scott Kennedy and Alexander Kozachenko. One of the three Tyrants would end up being ultimately killed by the duo, while the other two, in their Super Tyrant forms no less, would be eliminated via aircraft fire as part of a joint US-Russian invasion of the country.

Currently, there are no T-103 variants or successors to its model known to be in production.


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