Further notes

Attack Style

In its normal form, the T-103 attacks in several ways. Majority of the time, if human player gets close enough, it will instantly throw an quick punch attack. The most dangerous attack is its double overhead fist attack, which is almost capable of killing a human character. If successful, the T-103 will knock the victim to the ground and then stomp on their head, crushing the victim's skull. Another attack is a powerful shoulder ram capable of smashing through concrete, but this is only used in cutscenes from Resident Evil 2, and is an actual attack in Resident Evil Survivor. In Resident Evil Outbreak it can run, and also kick as well.

In Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, the Tyrant now has a powerful straight punch, but with a noticeable wind-up. It can even demonstrate the sheer force of its punch by attacking Zombies that are in its path. It retains its overhead slam, as well as its shoulder ram, the latter of which is now an actual attack.

In the Super Form, the Tyrant will attack with a right-left combo with its claws, a clapping strike, or a dash attack. The Tyrant also will attack with an underhand stab similar to that of the T-002. The Tyrant is also capable of jumping incredible distances and is immune to all forms of weak gunfire.

In Darkside Chronicles, the T-103 now has a revised moveset. The first of Tyrant's new attacks include running at the player and swiping at them, a jumping downward stab, and an impalement technique that is very similar to its wind up punch from its previous stage. Another attack is a testament to its great strength: it will actually grab a train car and shove it towards Leon and Claire Redfield. Due to having its coat burned off, The Tyrant is agile as well; another attack involves it jumping across the train tracks, again over a rail, and once more to swipe at the player. The Tyrant also has greater defensive capabilities; it can easily swat away incoming rockets (much like its predecessor T-002), and can even catch one and throw it back. The Tyrant also regenerates if its health bar is brought down by any other weapon. It also attacks with its elbow when the player is above the trains, if the player fails to dodge this attack, they will drop in front of a train allowing the tyrant to throw one at you. Luckily, this can be dodged.

Strangely enough, its large claws can be used for defensive measures by shielding the whole body.

Super Tyrant

Bullets do minor damage to the T-103. When it is shot enough times, it will drop to the floor and pass out. When the player leaves the room, it will wake up due to its regenerative abilities. However, if it suffers a mortal injury, it will go through an aggressive mutation that causes it to revert slightly to that of similar previous models (the one that attacked Leon was shot by Ada, causing it to stumble off the platform they were on, and into a molten slag vat; and that's what caused this one to mutate). Claws are formed on both arms and the heart starts to increase in size, causing it to protrude slightly from the chest. Its scent system no longer functions, and so it attacks all personnel in the area like previous Tyrants. It is much faster, but this model still has a weakness to explosives. Leon and Claire must use a rocket launcher (which was thrown to them by Ada Wong) in order to defeat the T-00 in its super tyrant form.


there's a small hitbox for when it tries to hit you at close range, so move up close and back up when you see it do the quick punch, and use the Handgun D.

Operation Raccoon City

T-103 Tyrants return in Operation Raccoon City, and appear in greater numbers than in previous games. They are capable of enduring significantly more gunfire before being defeated. When a Tyrant is in the area, the ground will shake with every step the Tyrant takes, giving them a much more menacing presence.

The first time players will encounter this model of Tyrant is in the labs beneath the Dead Factory. Players must retrieve an NE-Alpha parasite from the brain of a T-103, which was a 'failed experiment.' However, after the parasite's removal, the Tyrant awakens and promptly attacks the U.S.S. Wolfpack.

Later on, after the members of the Wolfpack are abandoned by Umbrella, they will be forced to fight two T-103's simultaneously.

Lastly, players will encounter the T-00 in its Super Tyrant form on the elevation in Brikin's Labs. Players cannot kill the tyrant - they must shoot its exposed heart in order to knock it off of the elevator.

The T-103s in Operation Raccoon City display more intelligence and aggression. When they are shot repeatedly in the head, they will use their arm to shield their head from gunfire. The Super Tyrant similarly covers its heart when shot.

T-103s also have a dangerous sprint attack ability, allowing them to cover a great distance in a short amount of time. They can also jump extremely high into the air. They may also grab players by the head, forcing players to draw their sidearm and shoot the Tyrant in the face in order to be released.

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