Tyrant Activation (タイラント起動 Tairanto kidō?) is a cutscene in the "end of the road" scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. It costs 500 points to unlock.[1]


It deals with the activation of the Tyrant R as part of a plan to defeat the renegade Hunter Rs.


Carter: "Okay... "
Carter: "I've reprogrammed it to take out those Amphibian monstrosities instead."
Linda: "He's not my favorite choice for a bodyguard, but oh well."
Carter: "No need to worry, he knows who his masters are.
Carter: "That's not all, I packed in a special little present..."
Carter: "...So if worst comes to worst, Tall-dark-and-Ugly is ground Zombie meat."
Carter: "After all, weapons are only so good in as much as you use them..."
Carter: "What a masterpiece..."
Linda: "Yeah... let's just get out of here, okay?"

Carter: 「…よし」
Carter: 「ハンターどもを殺すようにプログラムした」
Linda: 「あんなものに頼るなんて…」
Carter: 「心配は要らないコントロールは完璧さ」
Carter: 「ヤツの体には爆弾を仕込んであるんだ」
Carter: 「いざとなればこいつで始末できるあっという間にね」
Carter: 「あいつは「道具」だ / あくまで便利に使わせてもらうよ」
Carter: 「…すばらしい」
Linda: 「とにかく…出口に急ぎましょう」

Further notes

In the original script, Carter refers to the Hunters simply as that, rather than referring to them as "amphibian monstrosities". He also doesn't play around with the idea of destroying the Tyrant, and straight-up acknowledges that he'll kill it if the time comes.



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