Tyrant T-103 is a creature file that can be found in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.



This mysterious enemy suddenly dropped from a helicopter. At first glance, it appears human, but it can withstand being dropped from great heights, or sprayed with gunfire.
It also appears to act with an objective, however, its purpose is unclear, it has overwhelming combat capabilities, and with the exception of its unprotected head, its body is impervious to small arms fire.

突如、ヘリから投下された謎の敵。一見すると人間に見えるものの、 高所から落下しても、銃弾を浴びても倒れない。

なにか目的を持って行動しているようだが、その意図は不明。圧倒的な戦闘能力を有しており、 無防備な頭部以外の部位には凡庸な武器は通用しない。

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