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"Yeah, you know him? The one with the grey hair and ugly mug? I can't believe he had the guts to shoot me, that traitor!"
— Tyrell warns Carlos of Nikolai's betrayal.

Tyrell Patrick (タイレル・パトリック Taireru Patorikku?) was a mercenary within the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service and was a member of Bravo Platoon's Squad A.[3]


Patrick was born and raised in Suriname, at the time one of the constituent countries within the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. As Suriname achieved independence, Patrick left for Europe and joined the French Foreign Legion.[1] During his time in the Legion, Patrick used his position to supply black marketeers with weapons. Following their use in a genocidal campaign, the weapons were traced back to Patrick and he was court martialled and given a life sentence. During his incarceration, Patrick was aware of a recruiter for a mercenary organisation who could get him out of jail. Umbrella bartered with the French for Patrick's freedom and enlistment in their Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service,[3] where he was offered the additional role as a Monitor, to be paid extra for intelligence gathering.[1]

Raccoon City and Death

In September 1998 Umbrella became concerned about the spread of t-Virus around Raccoon City and began training its soldiers to handle the situation. On September 25 the outbreak grew extensively due to drinking water contamination, and the force was sent in the following day. The observers were given additional orders to wipe away evidence linking Umbrella to the disaster.[4]

Accounts to how Patrick died differ on the early hours of 1 October. On the first account, Patrick made his way into Raccoon General Hospital in search of their t-Virus vaccine research. There, he was attacked by Sgt. Nikolai Zinoviev, a fellow observer who wanted credit for destroying the vaccine research evidence.[3] Zinoviev was distracted by Cpl. Carlos Oliveira, who was searching for the vaccine as a means of treating a friend. This allowed Patrick to pull the pin of his hand grenade, intent on killing Zinoviev along with himself. Zinoviev managed to jump out of a fourth storey window and survive the fall. On the other account, he found Jill Valentine on NEST 2 to assist her. However, the "pursuer" on its second form mortally wounded Patrick with its tentacles before throwing his lifeless body on the floor.

Further notes

  • Tyrell has an alternate death scene if the player as Carlos goes into the basement before level 4F, in search of a vaccine for Jill Valentine's t-Virus infection. Tyrell, who is attempting to open a safe at the time, warns Carlos of a traitorous UBCS agent with white hair, implying Zinoviev. After his remark, the safe he is opening reveals itself to be booby-trapped, and Tyrell is killed in the resulting explosion.[1]
  • In Resident Evil: Nemesis, S.D. Perry's novelisation of the game, Tyrell is renamed as "Ken Franklin" and dies blowing himself up trying to kill Nikolai.
  • Despite the hand grenade exploding in close-proximity to him in his alternative death scene with Nikolai, his body is left intact when examined.
  • He seemed highly paranoid, as he kept his firearm trained on Carlos despite the UBCS soldier being kept out of the loop and having no knowledge of the observer unit.




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