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"Yeah, you know him? The one with the grey hair and the ugly mug? I can't believe he had the guts to shoot me, that traitor!"
— Tyrell warns Carlos of Nikolai's betrayal.[3]

Tyrell "T" Patrick (タイレル・パトリック Taireru Patorikku?) was a mercenary within the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (U.B.C.S.) and was a member of Bravo Platoon's Squad A.[4] He had high capabilities for a mercenary but an unusually strong obsession with money.[5]


Early Life and Umbrella's recruitment[]

Patrick was born and raised in Suriname, at the time one of the constituent countries within the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. As Suriname achieved independence, Patrick left for Europe and joined the French Foreign Legion.[1] During his time in the Legion, Patrick used his position to supply black marketeers with weapons. Following their use in a genocidal campaign, the weapons were traced back to Patrick and he was court martialled and given a life sentence. During his incarceration, Patrick was aware of a recruiter for a mercenary organisation who could get him out of jail. Umbrella bartered with the French for Patrick's freedom and enlistment in their Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service,[4] where he was offered the additional role as a Monitor, to be paid extra for intelligence gathering.[1]

Raccoon City Destruction Incident[]

Initial deployment[]

UBCS deployed

U.B.C.S.' implementation in Raccoon City.

In September 1998, Umbrella became concerned about the spread of t-Virus around Raccoon City and began training its soldiers to handle the situation. On September 25 the outbreak grew extensively due to drinking water contamination, and the force was sent in the following day. The observers were given additional orders to wipe away evidence linking Umbrella to the disaster and collect data on the effectiveness of B.O.W.s in open field combat.[6] However, the entire mission itself was made even more difficult due to the extent of the outbreak being worse than estimated. In fact, until September 28, an overwhelming majority of the platoons ended up being annihilated, leaving Patrick as one of the few mercenaries to survive dispersed throughout the city.[7]

Evacuation Plan and Search for Nathaniel Bard[]

Is uncertain whether Patrick worked with U.B.C.S platoon survivors after the initial implementation failure in the city. One report, however, indicated that, still on the night of the 28th, he worked with Delta Platoon's CO, Cpt. Mikhail Viktor, who had done a base of operations on a subway, along with Sgt. Nikolai Zinoviev and the Cpl. Carlos Oliveira. While trying to repair the rail vehicle to use it as a safe escape route, Patrick and Oliveira worked together to rescue some of Raccooon City's citizens and kept them safe.[8] The U.B.C.S.' remaining members would then have help from the former S.T.A.R.S. officer Jill Valentine that would help them make the train operational again.[9]

RE3Make Tyrell 1

Patrick and Oliveira during exploration at the Raccoon Police Station.

Once the vehicle was leaving with civilian citizens, Viktor, Zinoviev and Valentine, the account point out that Patrick and Olivera were given orders to look for Dr. Nathaniel Bard at the Raccoon Police Station, as the scientist's research would have discovered a vaccine for the t-Virus.[10] However, upon arriving at the police station in the early dawn of 29 September, the investigation ended up turned up blank when it was found he was at the Spencer Memorial Hospital.[11] In this time, Oliveira was contacted by Valentine who warned him about evacuation failure due to ambush caused by the B.O.W Nemesis-T Type, which prompted him to leave the building immediately to meet with Valentine while Patrick decided to keep looking for information in R.P.D.[12]

Later, the report indicate that Patrick headed towards Spencer Memorial Hospital after being contacted by Oliveira who asked to meet him there because Valentine was infected by Nemesis.[13] However, he only arrived at the building on the morning of 30 September, having discovered on the path that the city would be destroyed by the American government on the morning of 1 October. After finding Oliveira with an unconscious Valentine already treated with a vaccine, Patrick turned on the TV to reveal the news that Raccoon City was doomed. He then helped Oliveira keep the hospital operational when the building began to be invaded by a horde of zombies and after tried to contact the government to cancel the attack.[14][15]


Accounts differ regarding Patrick's death before Raccoon City was destroyed. On the first account, during the early hours of 1 October, Patrick made his way alone into Raccoon General Hospital in search of their t-Virus vaccine research. Zinoviev attacked Patrick, leaving him mortally wounded as Carlos Oliveira arrived in search of the vaccine research. Zinoviev, distracted by Carlos' sudden appearance failed to notice as Patrick attempted to kill him by detonating a grenade but the attempt failed as Zinoviev escaped by jumping through a window.[4][16]

In a second account, Patrick had escaped the attempt of his life, in a fit of paranoia he holds Carlos at gun point as he expresses surprise that one of the "guinea pigs" are still alive. While keeping Carlos at gun point and confirming that he had indeed been shot, Patrick began to open a safe while revealing to Oliveira that it was a traitor who'd shot him, Patrick was unable to provide a name with the exception of a brief description of the traitor's appearance. Carlos asked the Monitor if the traitor was Nikolai. Before Patrick could respond, the now open safe had been trapped with a C4 charge which detonated, killing Patrick and leaving Carlos unaware of who the traitor is.[3]

In a third account, Patrick took care of Valentine as she recovered from her infection until the night 30 September. Patrick then informed her that Carlos had gone in search for additional vaccines left behind by Nathaniel Bard. Valentine decided to follow him to assist him in his search, while Patrick stayed behind to inform the government of the t-Virus vaccine. Patrick was able to make a deal with the government who would delay the bombing in exchange for the vaccine. Patrick caught up with Jill and they both made their way further into the underground laboratory in search of the vaccines. However, the two were ambushed by Nemesis with the B.O.W impaling Patrick with a tentacle. Jill desperately attempted to save him with Patrick screaming for Jill to flee with Nemesis finishing him off by throwing him at a nearby wall which killed him on impact.[17][18][19]



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