Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Tyrone Henry (タイローン・ヘンリー Tairōn Henrī?) was a Raccoon City citizen.


A Raccoon Fire Department firefighter, Henry was abducted by the Umbrella Corporation when he was responding to a fire at an Umbrella USA facility in the area. As far as the world knows, he was reported dead, killed in action.[2]


Henry is a "Tank"-type survivor. He has high defense and excels in close-quarters combat. Tyrone's unique abilities are "Power Kick" and "Rally". The former allows him to attack with a powerful kick. While the latter ability allows him and his teammates to take reduced damage against enemies.[3]

Skill list

Name Type Category Description
Rally Fever Skill Safeguard Tyrone increases the morale of his teammates, decreasing damage taken for a set duration.
Greatly decreases damage dealt to teammates.
Base cooldown: 120 second(s)
Power Kick Personal Skill Pumped Up Tyrone can attack enemies in front of him with a powerful kick.
Shortens cooldown.
Cooldown: 6 second(s)
Firefighter Ability Turnout Gear Tyrone's firefighting expertise gives him an advantage in a myriad of situations.
Greatly decreases damage dealt by traps.
Determination Ability Resilience Tyrone's rigorous physical training increases his chances of survivla.
Automatically restores health when low on HP.
Novice Gear Equipment N/A Activates auto aim and will automatically use Green Herbs when low on health.



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