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Tyrone Henry (タイローン・ヘンリー Tairōn Henrī?) was a Raccoon City citizen.


A Raccoon Fire Department firefighter, Henry was abducted by the Umbrella Corporation when he was responding to a fire at an Umbrella USA facility in the area. As far as the world knows, he was reported dead, killed in action.[3]


Henry is a "Tank"-type survivor with 1400 health. He has high defense and excels in close-quarters combat. Tyrone's unique abilities are "Power Kick" and "Rally". The former allows him to attack with a powerful kick. While the latter ability allows him and his teammates to take reduced damage against enemies.[4]

Skill list

Icon Name Description Type Variant
RERES sv icon customize Rally.png Rally Tyrone increases the morale of his teammate, decreasing damage taken for a set duration. Fever Skill RERES sv icon customize Type002.pngSafeguard
Greatly decreases damage dealt to teammates.
Base cooldown: 120 seconds
RERES sv icon customize Type005.pngLifeline
Restores health to nearby teammates.
Base cooldown: 120 seconds
RERES sv icon customize Type003.pngRapid Response
Increases the movement speed of nearby teammates while Rally is active.
Base cooldown: 120 seconds
RERES sv icon customize Power Kick.png Power Kick Tyrone can attack enemies in front of him with a powerful kick. Personal Skill RERES sv icon customize Type004.pngPumped Up
Shortens cooldown.
Cooldown: 9 seconds
RERES sv icon customize Type003.pngBarge
Increases door-ramming power and damage dealt by Power Kick.
Cooldown: 15 seconds
RERES sv icon customize Type001.pngSide-Kick
Allows you to use a powerful side-kick that deals major damage, but dramatically increases cooldown.
Cooldown: 30 seconds
RERES sv icon customize Firefighter.png Firefighter Tyrone's firefighting expertise gives him an advantage in a myriad of situations. Passive Skill RERES sv icon customize Type002.pngTurnout Gear
Greatly decreases damage dealt by traps.
RERES sv icon customize Type003.pngFirst Responder
Makes it easier to help teammate when they are trapped or defeated.
RERES sv icon customize Type001.pngWeapon Handling
Reduces melee weapon durability depletion. Attacking creatures on the ground guarantees a critical hit.
RERES sv icon customize Type007.pngBreach and Clear
Greatly lowers damage taken for a set duration after kicking open locked doors.
RERES sv icon customize Determination.png Determination Tyrone's rigorous physical training increases his chance of survival. Passive Skill RERES sv icon customize Type005.pngResilience
Automatically restores health when low on HP.
RERES sv icon customize Type007.pngSecond Wind
Able to save yourself when defeated, but only 1 time(s). Gain Yellow Herb effects and drastically lowers Fever Skill cooldown after recovery.
RERES sv icon customize Type002.pngElusive
Cannot be grabbed by most creatures while running.
RERES sv icon customize Type001.pngDefensive
Reduces damage received from creatures and bioweapons.


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  1. Base
  2. Equipment Limit increased to 4
  3. 2nd Equipment slot unlocked
  4. Equipment Limit increased to 5
  5. Firefighter: First Responder unlocked
  6. Equipment Limit increased to 6
  7. Equipment Limit increased to 7
  8. Equipment Limit increased to 8
  9. Power Kick: Barge and 3rd Equipment Slot unlocked
  10. Equipment Limit increased to 9
  11. Equipment Limit increased to 10
  12. Equipment Limit increased to 11
  13. Determination: Second Wind unlocked
  14. Equipment Limit increased to 12
  15. Equipment Limit increased to 13
  16. 4th Equipment slot unlocked
  17. Equipment Limit increased to 14
  18. Rally: Life Line unlocked
  19. Equipment Limit increased to 15