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This article is about the experimental bio-weapon. For the other creature named "U-III", see Verdugo.

The U-3 (U‐3 yū-surī?), dubbed "It" by Osmund Saddler, was one of the experimental bio-weapons developed by Saddler's research team on the island. It was a horrifying chimera of human, insect, and reptile DNA fused imperfectly into a single being, itself hosting a Plaga parasite.[excerpt 1]

In the 2023 Remake U-III, dubbed as Pesanta (also known as Black Robe) by Isidro Uriarte Talavera, is Ramón Salazar's former unnamed Housekeeper. Who was later experimented on by Isidro, transforming her into a nightmarish human/insect mutant hybrid and become one of Ramon's bodyguards.[2]


In the 2005 original game, Saddler first mentioned the U-3 to Leon after the battle with Krauser, calling the creature "It".[3] Later, in the underground cellars, the U-3 bursts out from a wall, causing Leon to jump out of the way, into a suspended set of crate rigs.[4] The rigs repeatedly dropped into the abyss below after two switches were pushed per rig. After dropping the second crate rig, the U-3 sprouted a massive Plaga from its back. When Leon dropped the third crate rig, the U-3 fell with it. However, the U-3 continued to pursue Leon, scaling a wall of the chasm. The U-3 was severely damaged and began to burrow underground for concealment. After destroying the Plaga, the U-3 finally died.

In the 2023 remake, U-III was once a nameless staff worker in service of the latest castellano; Ramón Salazar and eventually became one of the many test subjects for Isidro Uriarte Talavera's experiments to create a successful union of human and insect genera. This eventually culminated in the creation of the U-III, dubbed "Pesanta" by Talavera himself, who became one of the two eventual personal bodyguards to Salazar.[2]

Prior to her transformation, the same staff worker had witnessed Ramón Salazar' display of cruel temperament during his younger years in which he burned one of the servants' face with a vial of vitriol as vengeance for insulting him. As if such incident was traumatizing enough, she also saw how Ramón delved further into darkness ever since treated by Osmund Saddler and Los Iluminados and converted to their faith in return. Despite everything, the staff worker continued to serve her master no matter what for the sake of his late father Diego Salazar, and continued to do so, even after enduring agonizing experiment into U-III and embraced the cult's faith herself along the way.[5][6][2][7]

During Ada Wong's rescue of Luis Serra Navarro from the castle's dungeon, the former ends up engaging in combat with the black-cloaked figure, during which she is infected with a parasite by the creature itself. After the lengthy battle, the creature disappears and begins to pursue Ada throughout Valdelobos and the two engage in yet another battle again, resulting in the creature fleeing once again. Throughout her mission, Ada would suffer from hallucinations, especially when encountering Pesanta, although a suppressant was administered to her by Luis to deter the hallucinogenic symptoms albeit temporarily.

U-III is later seen back at the castle standing beside Verdugo as Salazar gives his ultimatum to Leon and Ashley before disappearing once again. It eventually returns to pursue Ada as she is gathering the ingredients for the suppressant for the Plaga. After Luis gives her a dose and it fails to immediately go into effect, U-III once more pursues Ada and corners her. Just as it is about to find her, the suppressant's effects begin to work and the creature is no longer able to locate her, causing it to eventually leave.

After Ada goes through the underground sewers of the castle, U-III encounters Ada and begins to attack her once more, but ends up being crushed by a large piece of a metal bridge, causing it to mutate into a more grotesque form of itself and sprouting a tail-like Plaga. The two fought with Pesanta eventually being defeated, causing it to mutate into a centipede-like creature which is capable of burrowing underground to ambush its prey.

After engaging in combat for one final time, it is ultimately killed once the Plaga was destroyed. Ada would eventually lie down in agony as she spits out the parasite implanted to her by Pesanta, freeing her from its infection.



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