U-8 Repelled is a cutscene in Resident Evil 5. It is played during Chapter 5-1. This scene is played once U-8 has been defeated. All cutscenes for the game were storyboarded by yU+co. artist, Jerry Bingham.[1]



Chris: "Dammit! Where is she?"

Excella: "Mr. Redfield. How nice to finally make your acquaintance."

Chris: "Who the hell are you?"

Sheva: "Excella Gionne. She works for Tricell."

Excella: "Nice, you've done your homework."

Sheva: "An officer in the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium. Why?"

Excella: "As if I need to explain myself to you. Although were't you two given
orders to retreat?"

Sheva: "So it WAS you!"

Chris: "Where is Jill?"

Excella: "Jill... even if I did know, you think I would tell you?"

Chris: "Cut the crap! Tell me where she is!"

Excella: "As soon as you two are done with your little vigilante mission, you should leave. There's nothing here worth throwing your lives away for."

Sheva: She's lying. She knows something."

Chris: "It's time we get some answers."

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