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"Sergei Vladimir: You think I'm reckless, don't you?
Umbrella executive: You stole the computer core from your own company. I wouldn't exactly call that stable.
Sergei Vladimir: The people who go down in history as its heroes are never stable. Inside U.M.F.-013 is all of the research data. With that, Umbrella will rise from the ashes.

The U.M.F.-013 was an Umbrella computer core containing the Umbrella Archives and data on their experiments, in which it also contained the A.I. "Red Queen" and her counterpart "White Queen".[1]

It was carried out of Raccoon City on the early hours of October 1st by Colonel Sergei Vladimir via helicopter.[2]

UMF 12

The reinstalled U.M.F. Computer core at the Caucasus Laboratory (Dark Legacy/Umbrella's End)

Sometime later, Sergei reinstalled this computer system at the Caucasus laboratory.

"The summation of Umbrella on one disc, this should come in handy."
Albert Wesker

In 2003, Albert Wesker, after having a battle with a mutated Sergei, downloaded all of the U.M.F.s data and formatted the U.M.F., wiping out the entire data on the computer itself.[3]

UMF 18

U.M.F.-013 Showing "No Data" after being completely wiped out by Albert Wesker and saved into another disk.



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