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"We're almost at Raccoon City, so listen up. The city's on lockdown. Orders are to assist in the evacuation of Umbrella Corp execs and government officials only. No civilians. Repeat. No civilians."
— The chief informs his unit of their orders.

An unnamed Umbrella Security Service chief was among the mercenaries of an private military firm employed as an off-duty Umbrella Security Service operator. He served above Dylan Blake and JJ during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident to assist the garrison with in evacuation of high ranking officials and Umbrella executives.


"They fucked chief up! Tore his body wide open in front of me! Then they took his body and... motherfuckers!"
— A traumatized operator describes the chief's death to Dylan Blake.

During the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident, the chief was assigned to lead an Umbrella Security Service unit with the order to prioritize the evacuation of Umbrella executives and government officials from the city. Upon arrival, he witnessed a group of civilians attempting to escape through the blockade and ordered the unit to open fire on his command. Sometime later, the unit was overwhelmed by zombies and the chief was killed, leading the unit to retreat and take cover in a nearby butchery.[1]