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ORC backstory
(Operation Raccoon City's backstory)

The U.S.S. Delta Team - informally referred to as the "Wolfpack" - was an elite squad of covert operators employed by Umbrella Security Service, the paramilitary wing of the Umbrella Corporation. In the aftermath of the original unit's destruction, Umbrella formed a new Delta Team consisting of six members: LUPO, FOUR EYES, BERTHA, SPECTRE, BELTWAY, and VECTOR. In late 1998, Delta Team was dispatched by U.S.S. Command to infiltrate Umbrella's Raccoon City Facility; their orders were to assist HUNK's U.S.S. Alpha Team in their mission to retrieve a sample of the G-Virus from Doctor William Birkin, a rogue scientist who betrayed the Umbrella Corporation by attempting to sell his creation to the federal government of the United States. However, Delta Team was forced to retreat from the facility after Birkin injected himself with the G-Virus while HUNK remained behind in order to complete the mission.

A week later, Raccoon City was accidentally contaminated by the corporation's t-Virus, thus forcing Umbrella to deploy Wolfpack into the quarantined area with orders to commence Operation Raccoon City. The failure to contain the outbreak placed Umbrella in a precarious situation for if the world ever learned of their involvement in the destruction of Raccoon City, as well as their research in bio-weaponry, the backlash would almost certainly destroy Umbrella Corporation. To ensure Umbrella's survival, Wolfpack was charged with destroying all evidence that could incriminate the company, including civilians and R.P.D. officers because any survivor was also an eyewitness, and thus a potential threat to Umbrella's existence. At the same time, the U.S. government sent a detachment of armed troops to enforce the quarantine of Raccoon City and to ascertain the nature of Umbrella's involvement in the contamination of the area. As a result, Wolfpack fought and killed numerous American soldiers throughout the course of their mission.[1]


  • LUPO (Karena LesProux) - Assault; Team Leader.
  • VECTOR (Real name: Classified) - Recon.
  • BERTHA (Michaela Schneider) - Medic.
  • SPECTRE (Vladimir Bodrovski) - Surveillance.
  • FOUR EYES (Christine Yamata) - Field Scientist.
  • BELTWAY (Hector Hivers) - Demolitions.

Further notes[]

  • Most of the team members display sadistic tendencies and lack compassion for others, especially the UBCS. In certain instances, they describe them as "guinea pigs", saying how "nobody cares about a few dead UBCS".
    • Despite this, upon HUNK revealing the UBCS detachment guarding Birkins lab are considered expendable, one of them will remark, "Aren't we on the same team? Couldn't we just pick up the phone?" Additionally, one of the team members will reprimand Nicholai for leaving his team to the zombies.
  • HUNK describes them as the "new" Delta Team, since the previous team was wiped out by leeches aboard the Ecliptic Express.
  • All the male members' have their hair covered while all of the female members' hair is revealed.
  • They appear to be highly trained as they are able to kill thousands of B.O.W.s and not lose a single squad member, although this is likely due to their equipment and weaponry.